Our People

We are most proud at Cummings, Keegan & Co., P.L.L.P. (CK&Co.) of our team – the qualified and dedicated professionals serving our clients. Each employee cares deeply about meeting client expectations. Their knowledge is well-rounded, with experience in a broad spectrum of industries and specialties. They find great satisfaction in making accounting and tax matters easier to understand, interesting, and less intimidating. Our people genuinely want to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our diverse team breaks the mold of the stereotypical accounting firm employee. As passionate as they are about their work at CK&Co., they are also passionate about their interests and hobbies outside of work. From enjoying the great outdoors to spending time with a good book, from traveling the world to spending a quiet evening with family and friends, you will find our team of professionals to be approachable, down-to-earth, and easy to relate to.

Make sure to check out CK&Co.’s Leadership Team for a closer look into the roles and experience of our Partners.

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