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CK&Co. provides a wide range of services for your business including accounting services, development of financing plans, business consultations, and customized solutions.

As you focus on the operations of your business, it can be difficult to also keep focus on the details of accounting. Do you find yourself not having time to reconcile your bank accounts? Perhaps you have tried to reconcile your accounts, but just can’t seem to get the numbers to balance. Are you receiving all expected payments from your customers? Do you have difficulty tracking your accounts receivable and accounts payment accounts? Perhaps you have been so focused on business operations that you haven’t updated accounting records at all.

At CK&Co., we understand it can be difficult to stay on top of accounting details and accounting rules that change frequently while also focusing on aspects of your business. Let us help you with your accounting records so you can focus on your business operations. Some of the accounting services we provide include:

  • Monthly closing of financial records/books
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services
  • Account reconciliations
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable aging reports

Our professional staff is also knowledgeable about QuickBooks. We can provide setup services, training, and ongoing support.

We can help you:

  • Understand how to strategically use bank loans and debt to effectively grow your business without taking on too much risk.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages between a loan and a line of credit
  • Seek financing from creditors and investors

We provide management consulting services to help you grow your business. CK&Co. strives to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, your business and the industry in which you operate. Our knowledge and our accounting services help you make sound decisions, considering past performance while looking ahead to future goals. We can help you understand what your financial statements mean and can perform ratio analysis and other analytical procedures to help you with decision making. We offer benchmarking, strategic planning, financial modeling, and more.

Sometimes businesses have needs that do not fit the mold of typical accounting services provided by accounting firms. CK&Co. can provide customized solutions to fit your unique needs. We provide a host of services including:

  • Financial projections to assess expansion and investment opportunities
  • Internal control reviews
  • Reviews of a specific financial area, including analytical review procedures and ratio analysis

We would be happy to talk about how CK&Co. can provide for your accounting and management needs.

Bookkeeping Services

We provide full scale bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients. A few of these services are noted below.

Often, owners and other stakeholders need to see financial and accounting information in a format outside the typical financial statements. We can provide custom reports to facilitate management decision-making. The reports are only as accurate as the data entered. This emphasizes the importance of account reconciliation noted above.

We will perform reconciliations of your bank accounts and general ledger accounts. These reconciliations help to timely detect errors and ensure that transactions are reported accurately.

Monitoring accounts receivable ensures you are collection payments from your customers in a timely manner. Likewise, monitoring of accounts payable helps ensure you are paying bills on time. We create aging reports to help you monitor the movement of cash and identify trends.

In addition to preparing your income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows, we teach you how to connect the dots. We will guide you on the KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor regularly.

We track and monitor cash flow to ensure sufficient funds to meet obligations, such as vendor bills and payroll.

We provide payroll services, including compiling payroll registers and issuing employee payments. We make sure your reporting is accurate and on time.

We are proficient with QuickBooks. We can help set up the system in your company, as well as provide training to your staff. We can also share various tips and tricks in using QuickBooks to get the most from its features.

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Accounting is like a jigsaw puzzle. I like organizing the pieces into a complete picture and helping people and their business be successful.

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I really enjoy helping my clients get their books in order and establish an accounting process in place. It makes such a difference.

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