3 Ways to Enhance Your Cyber Security

The data information thieves are working hard every day to cause havoc on business networks. Business owners and their IT professionals can try to prevent these attacks using a combination of network, hardware, and software solutions. A well-trained group of end users is one of the keys to success in preventing a system breach.

Simple steps we can all take to deter data thieves or system hackers:

  1. Create strong pass-phrases for accounts and change them periodically
  2. Slow down and be aware of the information we receive electronically, and who actually sent it
  3. Verify that links in emails, ads, and on other websites are legitimate before clicking on them
  4. Feel empowered to question a source if you weren’t expecting the information
  5. Communicate with IT when something looks suspicious.

Reference this document for simple precautionary measures, as well as tips to create – and remember – strong pass-phrases.

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